Sell Beats Online for Extra Profits

How to Sell Beats Online Like a Pro

There are hundreds and thousands of rap producers in the world trying to learn How to Sell Beats and yet almost none of them know the best way to go about doing this! The truth of the matter is, you’re going to be better off not trying to sell your beats to record labels because the competition has become so very high. In the digital age, a beat making program and midi keyboard can be as affordable as groceries, and since everybody makes beats these days it’s become much more difficult to contact the right labels to sell beats.

It’s astounding how many people completely overlook one huge form of income that they could easily be picking up on as hip hop producers, and that’s selling beats online. Promoting your own beat store can be enough to drive a full time income directly into your pocket and fulfill your needs to make money with your beats. Business online is booming and it’s only just starting to really get picked up.

There are rap artists and hip hop singers all over the world trying to cut albums on a very low budget. Most of these guys don’t have a record label at all, and so it’s extremely hard for them to come up with the kind of funds needed to produce an album’s worth of beats. This is why so many rappers are turning towards the internet to buy beats, and it’s the same reason why beats sell online so quickly these days. Even big time artists like Joe Budden and 50 Cent have picked up beats from Soundclick in the past year.

A couple reasons why rappers seem to be literally flocking towards selling beats online is speed and amount. It’s extremely cheap to buy exclusive rights from an independent beat store online than it is to hit up a big time producer who probably won’t even bother answering when you call them. Having said that, sometimes it’s also easier to get HOTTER BEATS from underground artists because they’re so hungry, they literally produce bangers and sell them for cheap.

When a rapper goes on the internet to purchase some rap beats, they’re going to be discussing terms with the producer directly, one on one. You don’t have to go through the middle men of record labels or fly through a fat process of twists and turns in order to get a beat. With a record label, there’s always long negotiations… With independent producers, it’s simply faster and more efficient.

Beats sell and learning how to sell beats online has been thought to be, by many, the wave of the future. The first place to start is definitely and if you don’t already have a free account at least then you need to visit that site immediately after reading this and sign up. That’s step one.

I know it might seem like RocBattle or MyBeatShop are the better sites to sign up to first, but that’s not true. Though these websites have beat stores already set up for their members (which is somewhat convenient), it’s still not worth it to start out there. The problem is that those websites are built for producers, not rappers. Every single member of those sites make beats, so obviously they’re not interested in buying yours. On Soundclick there are 1.4 million rappers online, so your target audience is sitting there just waiting to be sold to.

Remember that learning how to sell beats online is a skill that requires some patience and hard work, but if you’re not even trying then you are left out of the loop. Get an account on Soundclick immediately, and visit the links in the paragraph below (my resource box) in order to visit my site to download the eBooks I wrote and learn a lot more.

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