Sell Beats Online Fast in 5 Easy Steps

How to Sell Beats Online Like a Pro

It’s no mystery that selling beats online is a great way to make money as a music producer. However, if you’re new to beat making, you may find it challenging to promote your music to current and/or new customers. Establishing a profitable beat selling website may seem like a daunting task, but these simple tips will help you quickly increase your beat sales.

1. Make Professional, Studio Quality Instrumentals

Making high quality beats should be a music producer’s top priority. If you aren’t making hot beats that are up to industry standards, stop what you are doing. Rappers and singers looking for instrumentals to download expect high quality. Music software programs and recording equipment are easily accessible by producers nowadays. If your music is not up to par yet, be sure to study music professionals such as Dr. Dre, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Dr. Luke, and Timbaland. Learn how to mix your beats and/or pay someone to mix them for you. When you make your instrumentals available for download you want to put your best foot forward.

2. Run Promotional Sales

Once you’ve established a good selection of high quality beats, you’ll need to start promoting them. A great way to get rappers and singers to buy beats is to run a promotional sale. Buy one,w get one free sales or offering a percentage off purchases are proven ways of increasing your sales opportunities. Special coupons or gift certificates also work well to increase your sales.
Leverage social media to your advantage. Trade Facebook likes and twitter followers for discounts on the services you offer. Many artists are looking to find cheap beats for sale so discounted prices can play into your favor.

3. Put A Time Limit On Your Sales

Setting a deadline for your sales promotions is an excellent way to quickly make money off your instrumentals. Putting a time limit on your sale creates a sense of urgency and encourages potential customers to act fast so they won’t miss out on your specials. This marketing strategy is often used by retailers during the holidays to increase traffic and sales. Implementing this strategy is a sure way to put money in your pocket from beat leases!

4. Add More Value To Your Beats

With many producers leasing beats for $15 – $30 per track, you have a great opportunity to add more value to your customer’s purchase by selling beats in bulk.

Instead of selling 1 instrumental for $15, sell 4 beats for $50. This may seem like you are cheating yourself out of money, but this type of selling strategy is a win-win situation for you and the customer. The customer gets more beats than they normally would at a discounted rate and you net $50 each time someone buys your beat bundle!

5. Create An Alliance

Partnering up with similar, non competitive websites is a powerful way to boost your sales fast. They can provide valuable referrals to your beat selling website. Be sure to establish clear terms of your alliance first before participating in affiliate marketing.

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