Creative Halloween Costumes Are A Not so tall Order

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Some people believe they don’t have a creative bone in their body. It’s simply not true. You just need to coax your creative side out of hiding! Halloween is an excellent occasion to lure that creative soul into the light. The results will astound you. Here are some thoughts for you to explore and have the creative Halloween costume of your dreams. You’ll also be a big hit at any Halloween event, from Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to the old haunted Iowa farmhouse. Viva la artista! Here we go.

Thinking outside the box and pushing the envelope as far as your courage will take you is the key to creative costumery.

A good beginning to truly creative Halloween costumes takes you to a local costume shop. Take a look at the lineup. See what’s most popular and vow to do something else. It’s no fun when you show up to find five others in your attire.

Your visit to the costume shop should have filled your eyes and senses with the more usual themes. Your mission is to take it all a step further, going where no Halloween devotee has gone before. It’s possible. In the privacy of your own room, mentally review your favorite childhood story book characters. Did you like Grimm’s? The Wind in the Willows? Merlin is a fascinating character. Did you always wish you were one of the Three Musketeers? Historical, legendary and romantic figures you admire or, are afraid of are good candidates in your quest for the creative Halloween costume par excellence. Everyone has a fantasy character they’re stuck on, so let yours come alive.

Once you’ve jogged your memory a bit, take a pad and some markers. Start sketching and doodling. You’re looking for colors, effects and accessory items that are your originals and which enhance the personality of your character. Accessory items are everything in a good costume. Jewelry, belts, sashes, capes, trims and hats are what we’re talking here.

Click your way to some of the online dance and theatre supply houses for some of the most fabulous accessories at a good price. These shops carry extensive lines of makeup and special effects products. What if you were a work of wax? You can be. Body paint can work creative miracles.

Don’t underestimate the mask in your masquerading! Papier mache masks are easy to make and rank high on the creative scale. There are online tutorials for this project.

How might you portray an evil gingerbread man? Take the classic Mummy to new heights, with blood-soaked cloth wrappings, stitches in unimaginable places and cobwebs adorning it all.

Here’s a simple but creative Halloween costume idea. All you need is a cardboard box, paint and a spooky sound tape you activate at your pleasure. You’re a walking haunted house!

Be the creature or princess of your dreams. It’s Halloween!

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