Girl Makeover Games

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You’ve probably seen those morning news shows which have a regular makeover segment. Women are chosen from the crowds, with a couple of lucky women winning the coveted “and free” makeover. Usually, the winners are Moms who haven’t changed their look for, sometimes – decades. Naturally, they make the best candidates for an astonishing difference, barely recognizable in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ side by sides.

While teen girls are seldom in need of a makeover, being up to date on everything fashion, the girl makeover games can be put together as a satire or spoof on the adult makeover theme. They can do makeovers on each other that will have them all laughing all night long. Which is what makes it cool. They’re not out for a makeover they’ll go to school wearing, they’re out for absurd, gaudy, goofy, ridiculous and laughable looks. That’s what makes it fun.

Here are the supplies you’ll want to have on hand for the teen girl makeover games. Most of the items are quite inexpensive and the girls can add to their makeover wardrobes as time goes along. It’s almost guaranteed this will become a preferred girl’s party idea.

Get some cheap wigs at the drugstore or costume shop. The cheaper they are, the better. More radical. They can also be streaked with food coloring for some outrageous effects, with their own hair intact the next day!

Face paint kits provide a heavy handed way to add some sensational make up effects to your teen girl makeover games. With a face paint kit, the girls can spoof that overdone social studies teacher no one likes anyway.

The usual lineup of real makeup, like bright blue eyeshadow and those glue-on fake eyelashes open up a number of silly possibilities. Magenta and orange lipsticks are also good. Naturally, you’ll want to pick up some matching nail polish. Don’t forget nail polish remover, or your teen may develop a sudden stomach ache when it’s time to get ready for school the next day.

Hairstyle magazines are full of styles a teen girl wouldn’t be caught dead wearing – except at the girl makeover game party. The girls can do their own hair, or stick with the cheap wig with the purple streaks interspersed with the bleached blond.

Just as with the real women’s makeovers, you’ll need costumes. Go shopping at the thrift stores, where you’ll find the cheapest clothing items to be ones the girls would never wear in real life. A 1950s printed cotton housecoat, old lady blouses … you get the idea. The thrift stores are also good sources for unattractive, but very cheap hats and handbags.

Now, visit the toy department for cheap doll’s jewelry, pop beads and princess tiaras.

The drugstore is a good place to find those cheap, knockoff colognes which are supposed to be just like Chanel No. 5, but most assuredly are not. Remember, the point of the teen girl makeover games is satire, goofy and ugly-is-better.

Believe me, these girl makeover games can keep you occupied for many hours! Once the laughter has subsided and you’re ready to reenter the real world, you want to remove all the makeup. Now it’s time to pamper your skin. Have those individually packaged facials in the foil packs on hand and a bottle or two of sweet-smelling lotions to restore you to your former beauty!

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