Teacher’s Costumes for Halloween

Kids Halloween Activities

Though anyone can wear costumes for Halloween each year, there are some that may have to when they really would not do it otherwise. Some of these people are teachers. These teachers that teach in high school may do it for the fun of it, but not all of them are going to feel so inclined. However, when it comes to teaching in elementary schools, children respond better when their teachers have taken the time to dress up for the day just as they have. There are some great themes that teachers can use when they are not sure what to get.

You can always go with costumes for Halloween that children are going to relate to a teacher. That might mean going as a big apple, as most children have heard that some teachers love to get apples, even if it really only happens on television and on the movies. You can also be things that can be found in the classroom. See if you can find costumes for Halloween that are of a ruler, pencil, crayon, or anything else of which you can think. These are always big hits, especially in grades K-2 – though older kids in third and forth grade will love them too – if you are a bit more imaginative.

When it comes to older children, there are always teachers that the children love, but also have a hard time with. They may have nicknames for them that they think the teachers are unaware of. You can really show that you have a great sense of humor by coming up with costumes for Halloween that reflect that supposedly unknown nickname. No matter how they feel, they are going to love that you were cool enough to wear it. And with kids, you know nothing is more important than cool.

Otherwise, teacher’s costumes for Halloween can be anything that you want, but you have to remember to where you are wearing it. You have to follow the same dressing guidelines that you would on any other day of the year. Skip over sexy, and save that for your adult parties away from the school kids. You don’t want to do anything that has an adult theme to it, even if you think they won’t get it. The other teachers might, but they will not think much of you for wearing it to school. Have fun with your costumes for Halloween, just remember to keep it PG-13 at the very least.

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