Dance Costumes

Kids Halloween Activities

My daughter is all into ballet these days. This is probably why I’m always checking out new dance costumes online. She apparently wants to be a ballerina for Halloween. No wait; I didn’t say that right. She wants to be a ballerina for her school portion of the day, and then a scary werewolf at night when she is trick-or-treating. Does this make any kind of sense? Kids are funny like this now days. Okay, who am I kidding? It’s my kid isn’t it. Regardless, we have been searching high and low for those ideal dance costumes for kids. I must say that I am stoked that she loves Halloween so much. It is a blast.

Where would you go if you were searching for decent dance costumes? My wife made the suggestion that we head on over to the local ballet and dance shop. They offer a number of outfits for dancers. However, it’s all real stuff for competitions and performing. From the way my daughter talks, she wants her costume to be a tad more on the showy side. I had a friend a few years back who was looking for dance costumes for Halloween. She went to a costume rental shop near our university. I thought this was kind of weird at first. I am not the type who likes to share clothes with other people. However, once I got inside and checked out the dance costumes, I changed my mind. These were truly high-end costumes for Halloween parties and costume competitions. No wonder folks rent them. They would definitely be expensive. And if you think about it, how often would you really use such a thing? My guess is only on Halloween night.

Are you ready for all the little spookables to come a wrapping at your front door? I know we are. So far my daughter and I have narrowed it down to a few choice dance costumes. Good thing there’s almost two months left until Halloween day. One thing I can’t encourage enough is buying your costumes early on. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the market for dance costumes, monster costumes, movie characters and so on. The trick is always being one step ahead. This will ensure that you do get the costume you truly want. After all, this terrifyingly fun night only comes around once each year.

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