Barbie Dress Up Games

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Since Mattel brought out the Barbie doll in 1959, little girls around the world have played with her and collected all the merchandise. The Barbie franchise is a very lucrative one with clothes, accessories, games, play houses and play vehicles for sale. Owners like to imagine the doll in different scenarios with outfits to match. The doll has been around for a long time but she has kept up with the computer age. Barbie dress up games are a recent innovation on the Internet.

The idea behind these games is to dress Barbie in a drop and drag format and the player is encouraged to use her imagination. In addition to dresses, tops and skirts, there are shoes to choose and accessories. The menu will give a display of selections, which will also include jewelry and choices of hair style and make up. The games are particularly popular in Japan and there are Japanese hosted web sites, devoted to the games.

Just like a real girl, Barbie must decide what to wear for different situations. It’s all the fun of getting ready to go out that girls enjoy and the Barbie dress up games make experimentation with different looks, really easy. Singer and actress Hilary Duff has designed some of the outfits. There are different sections, such as Barbie Party Girl where the player is invited to choose a prom dress, ball gown or cocktail dress for the occasion. There is also a Dress Up Beautiful Bride section, a costume party dress and a Barbie in Gowns category. Other styles include flower girl dresses and a Barbie Dance section.

As with all fashion collections, Barbie’s wardrobe is divided into seasons with outfits appropriate to summer, spring, autumn and winter. Even boyfriend Ken gets in on the act with his own game. There are other versions of these sorts of games on the Internet, available since the mid-1990s but the Barbie dress up games are probably the most popular. Dressing up is a big part of the appeal of the doll and she has always been a well dressed lady!

Barbie is a busy lady with careers, hobbies and a hectic social life. Her wardrobe is extensive, as shown in the Barbie Dress Up games. There are formal outfits, such as a purple satin gown and a faux fur trimmed cape. There are specialist costumes like the Barbie cheerleading outfit. Barbie still likes to look good when she is casually dressed, in jeans or shorts. She also looks great in sportswear and there is an extensive line of pajamas and nightgowns.

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