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Judging by your common sense and what you have so far learnt about qigong, what do you think qigong chi kung means?

If I were you, I’d probably say that it is a specialized form of qigong but I’d be wrong. Qigong chi kung are complementary terms that refer to the same thing. Therefore, qigong is also known as chi kung in certain texts and scriptures to refer to the traditional lifestyle yoga-like meditational practice of the Chinese.

The chi part of the word probably comes from as a reference to chi energy that is the central subject of the practice. Kung on the other hand is a term used to mean “cultivation of energy“. Therefore, with chi Kung put together, it literally means the science and practice of the chi energy in cultivation.

So much has been documented about the practice of qigong chi kung and the abilities of masters who specialize in qigong chi kung. Among the unique features of qigong chi kung masters are those who can heal at a distance by fixing the energy blockages of the ill. They can also send positive energy and adjust the energy pathways of individuals who are experiencing stress.

Most of us have heard the terms kung fu (obviously because of the world famous tv show) and tai chi, a type of internal martial arts that come in the form of exercise. If you don’t have a clear idea about what tai chi means, you will get to know it better with the following example. Ever seen tv shows where guys dressed in karate attire, breaking a pile of concrete bricks with a loud thud using nothing but one hand? Well, that is the type of energy manipulation that tai chi is all about.

If you are interested in pursuing qigong chi kung, there are many branches of it that can be explored. You could either concentrate on healing or you could specialize in martial arts. When it comes to healing too, there are many branches to be considered and specialized in. For example, there are healings that are directed at illnesses and diseases, then there are other types of healing that will bring stress and anxiety relief. On the other hand, there are other forms of energy transitions that qigong chi kung masters take part in for holistic health and balance. So if you have any idea to pursue this field, a thorough background research is on the calling.

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