Tips to Sell Beats Online

How to Sell Beats Online Like a Pro

This is a valuable article that will teach you some great tips for selling beats online and making money with your instrumentals. If you have never made any money online then you must read and pay attention closely to this article.

Before we get into the main points you must understand that selling beats online is a serious business. It’s not for making a few dollars and then walking away. If you want to sell beats and make lots of money from it, you must take this serious.

1) The first tip for selling beats online is for you to realize how large the demand is for instrumentals. Selling beats online is only 1 avenue for a producer to take. Beats are also needed for TV shows, movie backgrounds, video games, youtube videos and more. Music will always be needed because it’s one of the most important pieces of our life on earth. When music is needed, that means a producer needs to make beats for the demand. There is no music without the producer.

2) Your beats must be at a certain level to make real sales. If you just started making beats then it’s a good chance that your beats aren’t ready to go up with the big producers online yet. One secret tip for you is to study the best online producers. Listen to their beats over and over. If their beats sell lots, try to mimic what they are doing. It’s a great way to build your ear and start making beats that can sell right now. Overtime you will create your own sound.

3) When you first jump into the online beat selling you might not have lots of money to invest. That’s fine because there is systems already setup for you. We call these systems third party websites. These sites are great for you because they allow for free producer sign ups. They will only take a small commission every time you sell a beat. That’s the perfect way to do is when you are just starting out. Realize that they allow you to join their site for free and they bring all the traffic. You are not doing any work to get the sales. That’s why it’s important for them to take a small commission.

4) Pricing your beats will make the big difference in your amount of sales. Once again, take a look at the top online producers and see how they price their beats for sale. If you just started out, don’t price your beats around theirs. Put your beat prices around half of their price. It’s only right to do this because your beats won’t be on their level yet. Selling beats for $10 is not a bad thing either, especially for a beginner. Overtime as you develop more, you can raise your prices up.

Study these tips many times because they are keys to your success in selling beats online.

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