How To Market Your Products On Twitter

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Twitter is becoming an increasingly popular social networks in certain subculture or age groups. You should consider using it to market your products. Keep reading to learn more about Twitter and how you can use it to your advantage.

Make sure your customers are likely to use Twitter to create an account. Typically, Twitter is used by individuals who wish to get their own following. This network is used a lot by freelancers or individuals who wish to build a strong network. Teenagers are also beginning to use this network so they can share content without having to worry about their parents monitoring what they do now that most parents have a Facebook account. Do not hesitate to use surveys so you can determine how many of your customers use Twitter regularly.

Updates on Twitter are very short and the typical news feed of a Twitter user is updated at a very fast pace. This means your updates could easily be missed if you share them when the other users your subscribers are following are sharing content at the same time. You need to draw attention to your updates by choosing your words carefully, posting them when your subscribers are likely to be online and not hesitate to share the same update more than once to make sure your subscribers see it.

Twitter does not allow you to directly integrate pictures or videos in your updates. However, there are different tools you can use to add content to your updates. You should create an account on bitly or on a similar service so you can easily shorten your links and keep track of how many subscribers click on these links. You should use Twitpic to upload your pictures and share links to these images in your updates.

Encourage your subscribers to interact with you on Twitter. Other users can easily tag you in one of their updates by simply adding your username to the update. You should let customers know they can tag you in an update to send you a question, a comment or even to enter a contest. Having subscribers tag you in one of their updates is a great way to reach out to a wider audience since the people who subscribed to the user who tags you will see the update and will be able to follow a link to your profile.

Create a hashtag for your brand. Hashtags are similar to keywords and are used by Twitter users to categorize their update. Users can then browse through trending hashtags to see what others are talking about or look up a specific hashtag to find users who share one of their interests. You should use your brand as an hashtag so customers can communicate among themselves on Twitter. This could for instance be a good way for customers to share their own pictures or product reviews with each other.

Twitter is a great platform for your social media marketing campaign. You should use the tips you just read to develop a strong presence on this network.

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