Social Networking Using Video Sharing Sites

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What better way to produce and display content than through a video. There are numerous video sharing sites that allow you to do this. People can create their videos, upload them to video sharing sites and share them with anyone on social networking sites. Videos can go viral, as users have the ability to rate the videos and embed or share them on their own sites.

Some of the more popular video sharing sites are YouTube, DailyMotion, iFilm, Break, etc. Videos can be produced using any camcorder that stores the videos digitally and uploaded to the site with ease.

Individuals often produce videos and upload them to these sites, then embed them into their own websites. Common uses include the production of how to videos that are used in conjunction with written instructions to demonstrate the process of building something or performing certain functions.

Another fact about these sites is that they are becoming common sources of news and information. The content is generated and uploaded by users, but many videos are reports on current events and weather. For many people, this is how they find most of the news they consume each day.

Videos sharing sites for social networking also allow for the promotion of specific businesses. Owners may produce and upload videos that contain personal introductions and virtual tours of the business to help familiarize potential clients with the products and/or services being offered. The key here is to keep the message personal and allow users to comment on the videos so that problem areas can be redone or edited to make the content friendlier.

Many users of these sites add links to their own websites or blogs to the video content they upload for publication. In this way, they are able to promote their business without necessarily producing a direct advertisement. They can post videos that relate to their business in any way and put in the link to their site as an option that viewers can use to obtain more information.

Some businesses use these sites to disseminate videos that show a demonstration of the product they are attempting to promote. This is an idea taken directly from television advertising. However, the video sharing site allows the message to reach a targeted audience, who then are able to pass it along to members of their own social networks, making the message viral by nature.

Homemade videos can be an invaluable part of the whole social networking experience. They are also a cost effective method of promoting a business without the incredible cost of air time on television. They can be educational, entertaining, or a combination of the two.

Videos sharing sites for social networking have proven their value over and over. This is why Google was willing to pay more that 1 million USD to purchase YouTube. Each day, more users log on to view the latest productions or to see videos that pertain to their own particular areas of interest. This makes it possible for businesses to get their message out to a worldwide audience.

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