Using FaceBook to Increase Your Marketing Success

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Facebook is an incredibly popular social media website. In fact, the vast majority of people have FaceBook pages, and that’s exactly why you should have your own personal FaceBook page as well as one for your business. When you sign up for FaceBook, you have immediate access to people all around the world.

You can share your life and experiences with others as well as your business information. What’s more, you can learn interesting details about your potential customers that will help you appeal to them. Read on to learn how to make the most of your business using FaceBook.

Begin by setting up your FaceBook page. You will want a personal page and a business page. Your business page should be named for your business, naturally, and you should use your own real name and image on your personal page. This transparent presentation casts you in a light of honest and straightforward dealings.

Be sure to set up a pleasant, professional and not-too–personal profile. Share information about yourself, but don’t share lots of personal details (such as where you live, your home phone number, and so on). On your business page, describe your business and share photos of yourself, your employees and the business, itself. Of course, you should also share pictures of your product or service.

For example, if you have a lawn care service, be sure to post some pictures of your happy employees hard at work making a customer’s lawn beautiful. All this information will help your potential customers get to know you from the safety of their own homes. This will help them feel secure about contacting you for service.

Remember that FaceBook is all about making friends and influencing people. Keep your posts positive and light and always show interest in others. Be sure to click the LIKE button for posts and pages that you like, and soon you will find others doing the same for you. Be sure to cross reference information from your personal page and your business page and add links to your business FaceBook page to your website and your e mail signature. This will help you attract more potential customers.

Your business FaceBook page is the perfect place to share coupons, special offers, discounts, samples and free stuff. If you do this on a regular basis, people will get in the habit of checking your page to see what valuable item you are providing. Be sure that your promotions always do provide real value so that your followers won’t become disappointed.

When people post to your FaceBook page, be sure to acknowledge them in a friendly manner and engage them in conversation. Encourage discussion and questions and take the opportunity to show your potential customers how friendly, smart and knowledgeable you are by providing them with great information. Remember to visit their pages, too, and make friendly comments on the items they post.

When you set up friendly, informative, interesting and fun FaceBook pages and take care to facilitate communication wisely, you will go a long way toward creating a great online persona and earning your potential customers’ valuable trust. Follow the tips presented here to create and manage successful FaceBook pages.

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