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When you are operating a small business, you definitely want to incorporate social media in your planning process for your marketing presence. If you use social media effectively, then your business will have an audience of millions more than it would have otherwise. The tips in this article will help you establish marketing strategies using the different popular social media platforms.

Facebook is the most folksy or personal of the social media pages. The primary use of Facebook is among friends and family members who are trying to stay in touch with one another over time. A good strategy for Facebook is to design a page that is easy to navigate and points the reader back to the landing page of the business when appropriate.

Join (or create your own) community page suited to your niche, and attach it to your timeline. Then, invite people from other platforms to this community group, and add information to your timeline that is related to your niche. This could be your own podcasts as well as articles and videos from other people that would be interesting to people in your community.

The fact that Facebook even has these community groups available gives you a ready-made structure to set up your own niche — and then to be the primary expert in that niche. People are more likely to buy from those whom they consider to be experts, so use this opportunity to build up your own reputation and then develop clients.

Twitter is easy to oversaturate people on. Unless you have a lot of spare time, it is difficult to sit down and parse through the different tweets that come from the people that you are following. For your client base, when you tweet, you want to give them a link to something more helpful.

You only have a maximum of 140 characters, and it is difficult to send something with real “meat” to it in that space. So, add a link to a podcast, or to a deal, or to an article that you found (or wrote) that would interest people in your niche.

Use the character string in Twitter to hook your subscribers so that they will click the link and read on. You don’t have much time to build interest, so do it quickly. You’ll need to tweet every few days to keep your audience interested in your company.

LinkedIn is a great way to meet people who work in your niche. You won’t find as many customers, per se, in this social media page, unless your service is something that professionals would use. Use this site to bounce ideas off other professionals who are trying to work in your niche and to read what your competition is doing. You’ll do more scouting than selling in LinkedIn, but scouting can be just as valuable, if not more so.

These strategies can form an integral part of your marketing plan, and they will help you advance your company as your site traffic builds.

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