How To Sell Products On Facebook

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Facebook is the most popular social network, and you should consider using this site to promote your products. Keep reading to learn more about Facebook and how you can use this site to sell your products.

Start by creating an official Facebook page for your business or brand. Use the name of your brand for your page and make sure your brand is easily recognizable, for instance by using your logo as a profile picture. Write a short description for your profile. Use strong keywords to present your brand and your products, but do not hesitate to update this short description if you want to include new keywords or mention your current promotional offers. Make sure you also include a link to your homepage, and invite people to visit your main website for more information on your products.

Since Facebook is so popular, it is very easy to connect your social media presence with your other campaigns. Check the settings of your Facebook page and you will find a code you can use on your website if you want to embed a small box that displays a link to your profile as well as your latest updates.

You should also be able to find codes you can add to your pages so readers can click a button to automatically share your content on Facebook. If you have a blog, these features should be available on the dashboard of your blogging platform.

You should log on to Facebook every day and share at least one update. You should share links to your new articles, pictures, videos, polls or simple status updates. Make sure all your updates will be valuable and interesting to your subscribers and do not hesitate to skip a few daily updates if you do not have anything to share.

Keep track of which updates get the most attention and reactions from your subscribers, and try sharing more similar updates. You should also share information on promotional offers, for instance by posting coupon codes or asking your subscribers to share one of your updates with their friends to qualify for an immediate discount or enter a contest.

You should use the photo album features to share pictures of your products. You could easily use this feature to put together a catalog of your products or show some pictures of you and your employees at work. Facebook also allows you to upload videos and organize them in albums, but you can also easily feature videos from YouTube.

If you plan on using videos to demonstrate your products or want to start a video blog instead of writing articles, you should create a YouTube channel since sharing this content on Facebook will be very easy.

Facebook is a valuable tool you should use if you want to develop your online presence and interact with your audience. Apply the tips you just read and take the time to explore the different features of this social network so you can find creative ways to use them.

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