Tips on How To Have a Successful Periscope Live Streaming Session

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Periscope marketing can be a great way to reach out to your customers and stay ahead of the competition. To have a successful live streaming session, these are some of the tips that you can use in order to effectively engage your audience and have a productive marketing event.

Let Your Viewers Have an Exclusive Experience

What new experiences are you treating your audience to? This is particularly important because someone will only spend his or her precious time to watch your live streaming sessions for an exclusive or unique experience. Are you giving your followers a tour of your firm, an exclusive interview with a celebrity or an interactive session with your employees. These are some of the things that will make them want to put on hold other commitments in order to watch your live broadcasts. Create a once in a lifetime opportunity that viewers will not be willing to pass up.

Make the Live Broadcasting Sessions as Interactive as Possible

The reason why mobile video live streaming has gained prominence within a very short time is that it presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to interact with their customers. It shows that you care about their welfare as opposed to the traditional marketing methods where customers are only as important as their money. Opening up dialogue with your viewers will give you valuable feedback which you can then use to formulate important business strategies.

Create Buzz and Hype Around a Live Streaming Session

Obviously you wouldn’t want to host a live broadcasting session without an audience. Ensure that your follows are informed about it by promoting it on Twitter and other social media networks. This will ensure that they plan for it and when you finally decide to do the live broadcast, you’ll have a ready audience. This is also important for a successful marketing event because the more people you reach the most likely your sales numbers will go up.

Have an Enticing Title to Draw Attention

A great title will definitely arouse curiosity and make your followers want to know or see more. It is a summary of what is to come and when you make it as captivating as possible, viewers will want to satisfy their curiosity by viewing your live broadcast sessions.

Choose a Great Background

Even though Periscope marketing thrives on honesty and the ability to improvise on the go, your content can also be muddled when you don’t have an ideal background. Ensure that the lighting is great and that sound levels, focus and field of view are on point. You can also choose to make your backdrop a recognizable part of the live stream sessions.

Time Your Broadcasts Appropriately for Maximum Viewership

You can schedule your broadcast sessions to coincide with your busiest Twitter engagement periods. This will result into maximum viewership and make your marketing campaign effective. Twitter analytics tools can be used to conduct research on followers and come up with a strategic live broadcasting schedule.

Periscope marketing is an effective marketing tool and with these tips, you can greatly engage with your customers and grow your brand.

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