Lessons Learnt From Periscope Marketing Campaigns So Far

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A lot of companies have used the Periscope live streaming app for several marketing campaigns ever since it was launched. Unlike with recorded broadcasts, it’s not advisable to sound plastic or mechanical during the live streaming sessions because viewers will immediately detect that. This app functions best when businesses present a honest picture of themselves that customers can also relate to. Over the course of nearly ten months, what are some of the most important lessons that we have learnt so far from Periscope marketing campaigns? Below we look at some of the valuable takeaways that brands can also embrace in order make their live broadcasting sessions a success.

Personify Your Brand’s Spirit

What is your brand known for? What comes immediately to the mind of a customer whenever he or she sees your products? These two questions will help you define the spirit of your brand and embody it during the live streaming sessions. If your brand image is masculine or seductive, let that come out in the live streams. Whether you are streaming live events like product launches or company parties, viewers should be able to see the image they associate your brand with. So how does this benefit your business? It promotes authenticity and helps you to connect more with your customers. When they realize that the company actually embodies its brand image, they’ll find it more appealing. Companies like Adidas, Red Bull and St-Germain have made use of this so well and that is why most of their Periscope marketing ventures have been very successful.

Tell the Story of Your Brand From a Fresh Angle

Sometimes customers fail to understand the whole story behind certain marketing concepts. Conventional advertisements may also not present your company with the opportunity to go into detail regarding the functionality of certain products. Through Periscope live streaming, business owners have been able to tell stories from new perspectives and in the process reaching out to customers in a way that they hadn’t done before. They have been able to offer live demonstrations which in effect advertise the qualities of products. Taking customers behind the scenes helps to tell a brand story more clearly and fosters the relationship between a brand and its customers. This ability to connect with consumers is what makes the app so unique and smart entrepreneurs have used it to perfection.

Improve the Effectiveness of Periscope Marketing by Using Different Platforms

Periscope mobile video live streaming app is connected to Twitter and that means that in a marketing campaign, you’ll only be using one social media platform. It is important to reach out to a large number of customers by adopting a cross-platform approach. There are several other social media sites like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook that companies can still use to market their products. Periscope is still developing and has not reached a very critical mass. Businesses can therefore use other marketing platforms to complement it. As time goes by, its reach will grow. However, there is still need to use different platforms for marketing to make the campaigns more effective.

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