Live Streaming Etiquette

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How should you conduct yourself during a live video streaming session? Remember that a live broadcast does not have an edit button and you’d do well to behave yourself appropriately. The main idea behind Periscope marketing is to promote a product in an interactive and lively manner. This concept is usually liked for the sheer authenticity that is adopted in creating content. However, one should never forget that for its unrehearsed nature, businesses must still observe basic etiquette while broadcasting. So in what way is one supposed to conduct him or herself during a live streaming session?

Begin with some introduction

It’s impolite to jump straight to the main content without first introducing yourself to the viewers. Even if you are famous, there might still be a few people who have no clue about who you are. An introduction will also include greetings so that you warm up to your audience and build a rapport. You can use that opportunity to give a brief overview of your company and what it stands for.

Be courteous

In a live streaming session where there are two or more participants, it is important to be courteous to the other participants. Customers can judge your brand based on how you relate with other people and if it paints you in a bad light then your business image may suffer.

Speak Clearly

Do not be that person who makes his audience strain to hear his words. Speak clearly and let your words inspire confidence among customers. How do you expect to convince someone to buy your products when you can’t even speak clearly about them? It is also important for you to know your material so that you don’t mumble in between the broadcast session. Ensure that you are speaking in your natural voice and clearly pronouncing your words.

Do not shout

Even though your audience can adjust the volume, shouting makes your voice unnecessarily irritating and can ruin the entire presentation. Keep it interesting but don’t shout because you just might drive your viewers away.

Steady yourself

People who fidget sometimes distract their audiences by the constant body movements. Try to steady yourself and focus on the presentation. With some practice, you can kick the habit and learn to speak without distracting the viewers with forward and backward jerky movements.

Maintain eye contact

Try to look into the camera in order to have as much eye contact with your audience as possible. That always helps in establishing a personal connection with your customers because in a way you are speaking directly to them. Imagine how rude it is when somebody is speaking to you without making eye contact. Most of the times it indicates rudeness or lack of confidence.

Dress appropriately

Don’t assume that because you’ll be interacting with your audience via broadcast then how you dress is not really important. You should dress appropriately in a way that earns you respect and also compliments the live broadcast. Stripped shirts are not appropriate for the camera because they don’t transmit well and are distracting. They should therefore be avoided during a live broadcast session.

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