Why Are A lot of Companies Increasingly Investing in Live Streaming of Videos?

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Every shrewd business person knows how important it is to capitalize on what’s hot and make the most out of it. Periscope mobile video live streaming app has a lot of positives. Many brands have quickly taken to using it ever since it was launched. Why is it that a lot of companies are increasingly investing in mobile video communication channels?


I think this goes without saying because a mobile device is, well, portable. Mobile video live streaming apps like Periscope are very popular because of the fact that they are available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Taking videos is therefore much easier since you can easily move and change locations without much of the encumbrances associated with conventional video recording devices.

Cost Effective

This is another reason why so many companies are finding it wise to invest in mobile video live streaming apps for marketing products and services. A lot of companies spend so much money in marketing their products. With Periscope marketing, companies can cut on marketing costs and increase revenue generation. Even small businesses can now advertise their products to a wide audience without incurring much expenses.

High Standards of Streaming

Most businesses shunned mobile live streaming as a way of advertising because of the seemingly low standards. In the recent past, mobile telecommunication companies have stepped and have developed smart devices with powerful cameras. This has enabled content creators to capture high quality videos. Social media platforms like Twitter have also increased security, speed and their capabilities to ensure that mobile video live streaming sessions are of the right standards. This change has influenced many companies into rethinking their marketing strategies and using the new advertising platforms. Some of the most recognized brands in the world have also taken to using Periscope and this has done well in boosting its image.

Most Customers Are Embracing Video Engagement

The current crop of customers are better informed and have a lot of options to choose from. They value great customer experiences and prefer to engage directly with the company whose products or services they procure. Most of them are embracing video engagement as a way of voicing their concerns and sharing ideas with companies. A business that wants to keep up must adapt to the changing business environment and to that extent, a lot of companies have seen it necessary to invest in mobile video live streaming platforms like Periscope. They have realized that this is the best platform to connect with their customers and get important feedback.

Democratization of Content Creation

Video productions are moving out of broadcasting studios and into the real world. This allows even the employees of a company to have their inputs as far as creativity is concerned. In the process, great marketing concepts that resonate with the customers can emerge. Periscope marketing allows a business to develop fresh content with the input of many stakeholders and the democratization of this process creates a sense of ownership even among employees. Many entrepreneurs are aware of these changing trends and are increasingly investing in live streaming of videos.

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