Is Periscope Marketing Here For The Long Haul?

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Technology is always evolving and constantly there are new inventions and innovations that change the way information is shared. Periscope mobile video live streaming app was launched about ten months ago and has already received a lot of praise from the business community. There are several reasons why it has become so popular, key among those being its ability to allow businesses to broadcast content in an easy and cost effective way.

A question that a lot of people ask is whether it will stand the test of time. That cannot be answered in a straight line because the nature of technology is to evolve. We can still take a familiar approach in answering this question. What makes Periscope live streaming app unique?

The fact that its interface is integrated with Twitter makes it different from other similar platforms. That alone makes it stand out in a crowded field of digital marketing platforms. Social media has in the recent past greatly affected how businesses run their affairs and conduct their marketing campaigns.

Due to the high number of users that frequent the social media sites, companies are finding it very convenient to market their products and services on the platforms. They save a lot of money which they would have spent when using the conventional advertising and marketing methods.

It is also not lost on us that it is fairly easy for a business to reach its target audience on social media. These factors have been very instrumental in causing the great shift that has been witnessed in digital marketing and opening up of a whole new frontier in social media marketing.

Periscope rides on an already popular platform, Twitter, to broadcast content. It is a strategy that has paid off because a lot of brands are increasingly using it to market their products and services on the social media site. It is revolutionary really, to say the least.

I doubt that social media will go out of fashion any time soon. As time goes by, more and more platforms that internet users can interact on are developed. Periscope has decided to integrate its functionality with Twitter which already has a high number of users.

Even big brands that initially spent a lot of money on advertising are finding it more convenient to use the live streaming app. Periscope is very popular with these brands because it allows them to interact with their customers, most of who value great customer experiences. There are some wonderful features that users can also get to enjoy on the app while using it.

The fact that a live broadcast can be saved on the application for up to 24 hours is another reason why it is different. It has already proved effective and whether it can last for a long time only depends on its ability to adapt to changing technology and business environment. It sure has started greatly by riding on a popular platform. It can then build on that to position itself highly in the mobile live streaming application industry.

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