Important Things That Entrepreneurs Should Know About Periscope Live Streaming App

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A business person must allows be curious because that is what drives innovation and business growth. By now a lot of entrepreneurs have heard about the Periscope live streaming app. However, there are some important things that any entrepreneur who wants to use it for marketing purposes must take note of. Mobile video streaming applications have far reaching benefits for any business person that knows how to use them properly. Before you get started on Periscope, these are some of the things that you should be able to understand about this app.

How will it benefit you

As noted at the start, Periscope is a mobile video live streaming app that automatically connects to Twitter. The impact of this app to a business can be immense if used correctly. As an entrepreneur, you can use Periscope to market your products, grow the number of your Twitter followers and connect with your customers. These can enhance brand awareness, drive up sales and increase revenue generation. In simple terms, the app can make you rich. However that can only become a reality when you are aware of how this application is such a powerful marketing tool. Before you get started, take this important point into consideration and use it to build your enterprise.

How is it different from other live streaming apps

Imagine being able to broadcast to your audience live from your mobile phone; revolutionary, isn’t it? With Periscope, you can broadcast to your audience in real time from your mobile phone and market your products. It allows you to search for different topics and even users within its platform. Users can also comment and share their feelings about an ongoing live stream broadcast. It is integrated with Twitter which makes it an effective marketing platform. Unlike in most mobile video live streaming applications, Periscope allows users to save their live broadcasts for up to twenty four hours within the application. Since the user interface is very much integrated with Twitter, you can make the live stream private using the privacy settings option. Most mobile video streaming applications do not have this option.

What is your responsibility

Like any other social media platform, you must be very responsible in using this application. Broadcasting inappropriate content will definitely get you banned from Twitter. It is therefore upon you to ensure that the live stream broadcasts are not offensive and do not go against the terms and conditions for use. A lot of social media sites also attract bullies and people with bad intentions. Be ready to deal with all these limitations because the block feature is still not as effective. Issues have also been raised about copyright infringement, for example live streaming a concert performance for an artist when you clearly don’t have the rights.

A lot still needs to be done in perfecting the app but in the meantime, you should use your own judgment to make decisions on how you use it. Be responsible and take advantage of what Periscope can do to your business in terms of growth by using the application appropriately.

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