Fitness Tips to Stay in Shape During Pregnancy

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You might wonder whether you can continue a fitness routine when you become pregnant. Or you might even want to know if it’s okay to start a fitness routine when you’re pregnant, if you don’t already have a routine. The important thing is to be as healthy as possible for yourself and your baby, so in this article you’ll find helpful advice on how to stay fit while you’re pregnant.

You’ve probably heard the advice “check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine”. That’s true for everyone, but it’s especially true during your pregnancy. Consult with your doctor about what will work best for you to stay in shape. You might have access to a pool or a workout room, or want to take classes at a yoga studio, but before starting any exercise or fitness routine, talk to your doctor first about your plans.

One key consideration for fitness routines during pregnancy is not to take part in high impact games or activities. Your body can sustain an injury or jolt that would have an adverse effect on its ability to support the weight of your baby. If you participated in high impact sports before your pregnancy, such as basketball or kickboxing, you can find ways to modify the sport during your pregnancy so it is less intense. For example, you can still practice shooting hoops from around the lane, but hold off on the jump shots.

There are many exercise classes today that focus on the needs of pregnant women. Your community recreation department or local gym might be good places to check to see what is offered in your area. Also, yoga classes geared toward women during their pregnancy are available at many yoga studios.

You can gain many benefits for staying in shape, both during your pregnancy and after, by simply walking. Especially if you don’t already have a fitness routine that you have been practicing before your pregnancy, putting on your walking shoes and making a few laps around the block can be one of the best ways to keep yourself fit throughout your pregnancy. And, walking is an activity that you can enjoy while your pregnant, and even more so after your baby’s born and you’re pushing a stroller on your jaunts.

As you reach the later stages of your pregnancy, your center of balance will change. This will cause you to be more susceptible to losing your balance or even falling. During that time of your pregnancy, it will be important for you to take care that you don’t participate in sports or activities where you are at risk of not being able to keep your balance. Instead, pursue other activities that allow you to maintain your balance, such as swimming.

As you set up your fitness routine, remember to pay attention that your shoes will offer you sufficient support and comfort. Also, the clothes you wear while working out during your pregnancy should provide for ease of movement and comfort.

Staying in shape during the nine months of your pregnancy will not only help you have a more positive experience, it will also help you during your recovery time afterward. Stay active and stay healthy using the helpful advice in this article.

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