Preparing For Your New Baby

Bump to Birth

A new baby means many big changes to your life. There are plans to make, precautions to take and many visits to the doctors. Knowing what all needs done before baby makes its way into your life can be difficult. The guide below will assist you during the nine months leading up to the big day that you welcome your newborn into the world.

The OBGYN that you choose is going to be the doctor that you turn to for just about everything while you are pregnant and when the time comes to deliver your baby. Because of this, it is important that you find one that is local and that you feel comfortable enough with to talk about all of the embarrassing issues that can arise during pregnancy.

Talk with a dietitian or your doctor about an appropriate diet to follow. Start taking a prenatal vitamin each day, and learn if you should modify any of the medications that you take. Once you have a solid diet plan to follow, stick with it.

Create a pregnancy plan to use during your entire nine months. Decide if you want your significant other to attend all of the doctor’s visits with you or if you just want him there for your ultrasounds and things of that nature.

You are going to need to get a new wardrobe to wear during your pregnancy. Some women develop their baby bumps faster than others so how soon you need to invest in maternity clothes will vary from other expectant mothers. If you begin purchasing your maternity clothes little by little, you will be able to create a beautiful maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Create a list of the furniture and gear that you will need for the first six months of the baby’s life. Are you going to use a crib, changing table, bouncy seat, swing and other things to make your baby more comfortable. Knowing the big purchases that will need to be made in the following months will make it easier for you to set a budget to follow.

Stock up on the baby necessities. Do not go overboard on diapers, though, because you do not know if baby will be allergic to any of the brands you have purchased. Be sure to get some bathing supplies, wipes, diaper rash cream, peroxide, and Vaseline to have ready for when you need it.

Learn about your insurance coverage to know how much of the bill you will have to pay out of pocket. Lower income families may qualify for medical assistance to help cover the cost of prenatal care, delivery and newborn care.

Stay as active as you can to prevent gaining too much weight during your pregnancy. This will also help in avoiding things like gestational diabetes and difficult deliveries. Look into local prenatal fitness classes, and find one that interests you.

Discuss your birth plan with your doctor. Do you want a home birth or one at a hospital or birthing center? Do you want to go all natural or do you want medications to ease some of the pain? These are just a couple of the things you must discuss with your doctor during the nine months leading up to your due date.

Start preparing yourself today for the next nine months. The more planning you do now, the easier things will go for you and your significant other.

The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide