Changes in Your Baby During the Second Trimester

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A fetus is one of the most amazing things in the world. In less than a year, it grows from a microscopic egg into a full sized baby. During this time a great deal of the change happens during the second trimester. If you are pregnant, know someone who is or considering getting pregnant you are likely interested in the development process. Read below to learn what happens in this short three month period known as the second trimester.

The fetus will grow very quickly during the second trimester. During this time, your stomach will go from being a small bump into being an obvious baby bump. If you have not yet shopped for maternity clothes, this is the time to get started. Maternity clothes will allow you to be comfortable during your pregnancy and will give your baby more room to grow. Tight fitting clothing can restrict blood flow and in extreme circumstances cause harm to your baby. It is important to remember that being pregnant is a beautiful thing and that by no means are you getting fat. Instead, embrace the growth and find clothing that helps you to feel beautiful during this wonderful time in your life.

This is the time that you become prone to developing stretch marks. Due to the fact that they baby and your belly are growing very quickly, it can be very hard for your skin to keep up. To help your skin to not form stretch marks, you should be sure to drink plenty of water each day. You will also want to apply lotion to your belly and thighs a few times a day so that is does not dry out. Dry, itchy skin is a sign that you may develop stretch marks. Heed the warning and apply a lotion that contains Shea butter or cocoa butter. The more you do for your skin now the less likely it will be that you will have scars to remind you that you are a mommy.

You get to learn the sex of your baby, that is, if you want to. During the second trimester, the baby’s genitals will become prominent enough to be visible on an ultrasound. This can be very exciting for both parents, but sometimes only for one parent. Before this time comes, which is usually around 28 weeks, you should discuss with your partners as to whether or not you want to know or be surprised about the sex of your baby. The last thing that you want is to be ready to learn the baby’s sex only for your partner to say “No” when then doctor asks. Being prepared can go a long way to avoid disappointment in this area.

The article above gave you a taste of the big changes that come during the second trimester. Due to the fact that pregnancy is such an eventful time, there is a lot more that you can learn about it if you continue to research the topic. So think about what you have read and continue to learn more if you are still intrigued.

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