10 Practical Fitness Tips For Pregnancy

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Staying fit while pregnant can help you from gaining too much weight, increase your flexibility and keep your breathing labor-ready! Look over the following ways you can make moderate and safe physical fitness a high priority in your pregnancy.

1. Check with your doctor first. She will give you a speech about the rules you should follow regarding exercise for your full nine months, listen up and ask more questions as you go along and things change. Anything you add to your program should be pre-approved, no matter how minor or mild.

2. Always listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop what you’re doing immediately. Never lean on the old mentality of “no pain, no gain” when exercising during pregnancy. Be very cognizant of your physical state and forgo any physical activity when you feel off or not up to par.

3. Sign-up for yoga. Deep breathing and moderate poses can keep you flexible and ready for delivery! Yoga is also an excellent way to clear your mind of anything stressful or heavy.

4. Enjoy moderate exercise while watching your favorite shows. Simple pelvic lifts and arm-twirls while seated can help keep you in shape; find a few moves that work for you while being electronically entertained and do them regularly.

5. Stretch. Simply moving your body around and reaching up or down, rolling your neck and arching your back can work out kinks and keep your flexible. Just do what feels good without imposing any stress on your body.

6. Invest in a new pair of sneakers. Of course, your feet will show the weight gain of pregnancy, so you ought to have a pair just for this wonderful time, but make sure they are high-quality. Look for cross-trainers with extra support and durability.

7. Make sure you are well hydrated. Never attempt any exercise without first calculating your water and nutrition levels; if you haven’t eaten or had plenty of water, put off the routine until a half an hour after you have. Enjoy high-protein snacks as needed and stick to water as your primary fluid.

8. Consider Pilates specifically for pregnant women. Regular Pilates may be awkward for you now and it’s important that your instructor have training in pregnancy-specific poses and exercises. Although most Pilates are okay when you’re pregnant, the minor differences can have a major impact.

9. Try taking short walks near home or around people. It’s always smart to stay withing ear-shot of others, but enjoying a walk outside is a great way to stay fit and relax during pregnancy. Try adopting a walking-buddy, too.

10. Visit a pool. Swimming can be very beneficial to your mind and body during pregnancy. Stay in the shallow end and keep the activity reasonable. Also, never swim alone or in a pool with no life-guard.

Staying fit benefits you in so many ways while pregnant, including working out kinks and staving off aches and pains. You will feel better both mentally and physically if you devote some of your time to safe and healthy exercises. Find what works best for you as your little one develops and enjoy!

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