Tips for Start-Up Brands in Social Marketing

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With the mobile market exploding and sites like Facebook literally pulling in a billion users, it’s no secret that businesses today are scrambling to participate in the social experience. If you’ve been wanting to take your brand social, then you’re probably in need of some solid social media marketing tips to help you out with the finer points of marketing.

The first step in this particular process is to create a great Facebook brand page. Why Facebook and not those other sites? Well, you will eventually branch out to other sites; but for right now, you should get started with the number-one site in the land, Facebook. It’s free to sign up and to customize your page.

How will you know how to create your brand page? This is a question many people ask, and the answer is all about parity. If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically all about using elements of your competition to adapt your marketing scheme. In other words, you will check out how your competition is set up and work to implement some of their features into your page. Just keep it aimed at successful competition.

Now that you’ve signed up for Facebook and have a page created, you can work to create an entire network. Your next best step is to now set up a Twitter feed. Like Facebook, Twitter is free and easy to set up. Just be careful not to start throwing out random tweets as soon as you’re signed up.

Once signed up for Twitter, you should now begin doing some keyword research, and also researching the site to see how the basic tweet is sent from businesses. Start by following brands within your niche to see how they market and learn what you can and what you can’t send out over your Twitter feed.

If you really want to bring things full circle to ensure that you’re always driving traffic throughout your social world, it’s important to create a blog. WordPress is a good site to use, but Blogger gives you more features to tie in with other social media sites, since they’re owned by Google. Blogger is also 100% free and easy to set up.

Now it’s time for the serious side of your business. With sites like Facebook, it’s all about playing to the social context of the site. With a network like LinkedIn, it’s all about professionalism. This is the social network where you really let your business’s mission statement speak rather than your brand’s personality.

Make sure that you’re checking out your competition on LinkedIn. Just because it’s a bit more professional than Facebook doesn’t mean the competition isn’t thick. You want to stand out as number-one in your niche, so competitor research is imperative if you want to jump ahead in the market.

Learning about social media marketing can help you to develop a lot of followers and to ultimately do a lot of business. Best of all, following the steps above will help you to gain some serious brand exposure.

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