Top Five Social Networks You Can Use To Promote Your Brand

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If you do not already have a presence on social networks, you should start working on developing a social media marketing campaign. Keep reading to learn more about the different social networks you can use to promote your brand.

Facebook is an obvious choice since this network is the most popular one in the English-speaking world. You can easily create an official page for your brand and connect with most of your customers since Facebook is such a popular network. Facebook makes it very easy for you to use different formats, including short texts, links, pictures and videos. You should use the different features offered by the site to interact with your audience such as comments, tagging, private messages and polls.

Twitter is another good option, but make sure your customers are likely to use this website. This network allows you to share very short updates, which means you will have to come up with a catchy way of expressing yourself. Use Twitpic to share pictures and make sure you shorten all your links since your updates have to be very short. Encourage subscribers to tag you in their tweets, for instance to send you a question or share a picture with you and create a hashtag for your brand so customers can easily interact among themselves or share their opinion of your products.

Google + is becoming increasingly popular, and you should give this new network a chance if you find that your customers use it. This network allows you to organize your contacts in groups, which could be a good way of sharing exclusive content with a certain category of customers. You could also use Google + to connect with your customers and form a different circle for your professional connections.

Create an account on YouTube if your customers are interested in videos. Creating videos is an excellent way to share a lot of information through an entertaining format. You could, for instance, create some videos in which you test and demonstrate your products or put together some video tutorials to demonstrate your products while teaching some useful skills to your customers. Launching a video blog could be an interesting project too, especially if you are not comfortable with writing articles.

Join at least once social shopping site such as Polyvore or Kaboodle. Keep in mind that only certain subcultures and age groups uses these networks, but you could encourage customers to sign up for these sites if you offer exclusive deals to your subscribers. Joining social shopping sites is a good way to generate sales and draw interest to your products without having to share anything else other than ads and information about discounts. Using these sites is less time-consuming than other sites and could even help you reach out to new niches.

You should consider using these different social networks but make sure your customers use these sites before you sign up. Stay up to date with new trends since your customers might start using new websites.

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