Importance of Real Time Publishing on Periscope For Brands

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The Periscope app is so fresh because it allows businesses to publish content in real time. There has been a new craze about real time publishing ever since the mobile video live streaming app was launched. In keeping up with the new marketing trends and appealing to new and unique demographics of customers, businesses have had to find ways to package their marketing contents in a manner that users will find helpful and highly refreshing.

Real time video streaming on social media platforms has become the in-thing in online marketing. What are the impacts of live streaming on the growth of a business? Here are some of the ways in which real time video streaming on social media sites can impact the growth of a company.

Ability to Create More Videos

Real time video streaming allows businesses to create more video content than before. It takes much effort and resources to record video content, edit and broadcast as opposed to live streaming. Using Periscope for live streaming and marketing, a company can create more video content while still cutting down on costs. Competition in the business environment has become so intense, more specifically on social media.

Companies must therefore get creative while increasing revenue generation by cutting down on marketing expenses. A business can publish as much content as it wants using the live streaming app. This will then translate into more brand awareness and ultimately increase sales numbers. The simplicity of it alone makes it a very attractive platform for several brands that want to market their products while keeping their contents fresh and unique.

More Connection With the Customers

Customers feel more connected to companies when they see content advertised via live streaming apps. It helps to bring out the human side of the business as opposed to portraying it only as a money making enterprise. In cases where brands wish to rectify a wrong perception or address a public concern, live streaming will show them as remorseful and willing to work on a solution.

This connection will definitely go a long way in driving sales since customers will purchase more products from a company when they feel that it also cares about their welfare. The other aspect is the ability to get real time feedback when users comment on the broadcasts. This makes it easier to asses the impact of video content and make necessary corrective measures where necessary.

Capturing Important Events and Promoting Company Culture

Real time publishing allows companies to capture important events like product launches and live stream them to their customers. Using Periscope, customers can watch real time events as they happen instead of watching them on the news. A company can also use real time publishing to promote its culture by giving users a behind the scenes tour of how it goes about its business.

Instead of using plain boring texts, real time publishing allows companies to market their products in an interactive and colorful way. With the current crop of customers, this is one sure way of getting attention.

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