How To Reduce The Morning Sickness Blues

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Your pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation for you and your family. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of discomfort if you are suffering from morning sickness. In this article you’ll find helpful advice on how to lessen the symptoms associated with morning sickness so that you can concentrate more on the positive aspects of your pregnancy.

Your stomach might feel queasy in the morning, either when you first wake up or an hour or two later. To help overcome that nauseous sensation, try to make it a habit to eat something early after waking. It’s best to eat something light, like crackers with cucumber slices, rather than something too heavy or greasy. Eat small potions, and have something ready to nibble on throughout the morning. That will help keep your stomach settled.

Try to keep on eye on the amount of sugar, caffeine and fatty meats that are in your diet. You probably won’t need to eliminate those foods entirely, but try to add them to your meals only in small amounts. By reducing sugary food and drinks, caffeinated drinks and red meat during the day, you can lessen the symptoms of morning sickness.

If possible, take short naps during your day. It might be helpful to plan to get up about an hour earlier than you normally would so that you can take your time getting ready for the day, and then take one or two short naps to keep your energy level stable. This time of relaxation can help you get your share of “pamper” time just for yourself, and will help reduce the discomfort of morning sickness. Allow at least two hours after a meal before you lie down, though, because taking a nap too soon after eating can increase nausea.

Appealing scents can be helpful to lessen morning sickness. Some women find it calming and soothing to have fragrances of lemons or green apples in their rooms. If there are other scents that you enjoy, make those a part of your life on a daily basis. Remember, the important thing is your over all comfort, so indulge in ways to make your environment as supportive as possible. For that same reason, try to avoid smells or odors that are offensive to you. Being in the presence of scents that are unappealing to you can aggravate morning sickness.

It’s important to stay hydrated during the day at all times, especially when you’re pregnant. You might find that by drinking small quantities of water often will keep your stomach from feeling nauseous. Do not drink water with meals, as that can lead to discomfort. Keep a glass or bottle of water handy throughout your day to sip from, and avoid drinking a large amount of water at one time.

With help from the advice offered in the article, you can enjoy your pregnancy with fewer debilitating side effects from morning sickness, and keep it from interfering with the things you want to do.

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