Electronic Cigarette Benefits

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Every year it seems that governments around the world do their utmost to penalize cigarette smokers, whether it’s a rise in taxes or introducing sweeping smoking bans in all public areas or heavy fines for dropping your butts, this once simple pleasure has been turned in to an expensive and demonized habit.

However, technology has always brought advancements, and in 2003, Hon Lik, a resident of Beijing introduced his new invention: An electronic cigarette that delivered nicotine in a thick water vapor. The byproducts were a virtually odorless water vapor. It looked like a cigarette, felt like a cigarette, tasted like a cigarette but had none of the features that have been so heavily penalized.

As more people find out about the smokeless cigarette option, its popularity is increasing and givien all the benefits, it’s likely to overtake tobacco cigarettes in the not too distant future. So why are so many people dumping their combustible cigarettes in return for these electronic devices?

First and foremost are the health considerations. Burning tobacco means you are inhaling the smoke which includes tar, carbon monoxide and hundreds of other dangerous, cancer causing chemicals. The main reason people put themselves at risk is the nicotine addiction which is very hard to give up. Some brands of electronic cigarettes have an adjustable safety feature which lets people set how much nicotine they are inhaling, helping them to regulate and even reduce their addiction.

An often overlooked benefit is the potential cost savings that e-cigarettes bring. Since the initial cost is higher and the cost to buy a single replacement cartridge is more than a pack of cigarettes many people are put off without doing the numbers. The starter pack which you have to buy includes a number of cartridges, the battery, atomizer and chargers so you can get started. The cartridges last for much longer than a regular pack of cigarettes so even though they cost more, they are actually more cost effective in the long term. You can even make the cost cheaper if you opt to manually refill the cartridges rather than buying the pre-filled replacements.

One of the many reasons that Governments have banned smoking cigarettes in public places is because of the health problems passive smoking can have. Since electronic cigarettes only create water vapor which is virtually odorless you can smoke it nearly anwhere you want, infact some bars even have signs stating that electronic cigarettes can be smoked. There are even stories of some people smoking electronic cigarettes on airplanes, although this might not last very long once the aviation authorities catch wind of it!

Many smokers know about the dangers of passive smoking and endure stress and frustration in the home so as to not smoke infront of the children. An electronic cigarette can completely solve this problem with the only thing being exhaled is water vapor.

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