5 Awesome Reasons To Change To Electronic Cigarettes

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Just like tobacco cigarettes, there is a huge variety of brands in the electronic cigarette market. What started out as an invention in Bejing in 2003 has become a global phenomenon and given smokers around the world the ability to have the cigarette ritual in places that have banned traditional smoking cigarettes.

The electronic cigarettes are made up of three parts. The first is the liquid cartridge which contains the nicotine. The second part is the atomizer which turns the liquid in to water vapor by heating it. The atomizer is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, just like you find in your mobile phone. All the biggest brands now allow you to recharge the battery via a USB connection.

In order to give the complete cigarette experience, most smokeless cigarettes are designed to look and feel just like normal cigarettes. The light brown filter is the nicotine cartridge and the atomizer and battery is contained within the body. Some brands, like Green Smoke even include a glowing red light at the end of the cigarette to indicate when you are inhaling – similar to how a real cigarette will burn. These little details helps make the transition from real to electronic cigarettes easier.

While the nicotine cartridge, atomizer and battery are not that heavy, there is a significant weight difference between an electronic cigarette and a real one – you’re not going to be able to flick the electronic cigarette in to your mouth like you might do with a regular cigarette!

One thing to be careful of when using a smokeless cigarette is how long you use it for. Unlike a regular cigarette, the nicotine cartridge can last for up to the equivalent of 40 regular cigarettes. Since the cigarette doesn’t burn down and finish, you may find that you are smoking for longer because you don’t get to see the cigarette burn away. It can be easy to go through several cartridges in a few days when you first use your electronic cigarette, so try and pace yourself otherwise the cost savings may evaporate.

The biggest thing that concerns people when thinking about buying electronic cigarettes is if the experience is going to be the same. Electronic cigarettes produce water vapor which is different to smoke and will feel different, but even regular smokers get used to it after a few days. The water vapor is actually quite thick so you can taste it and feel it as you inhale on the smokeless cigarette.

Once you have gotten used to using electronic cigarettes as a replacement for real cigarettes, there are a wide number of options that you can try. Some of the top brands like Green Smoke have introduced a number of nicotine free flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cherry and even coffee. These companies are always bringing out new flavors and it’s simply a matter of adding the new cartridge and inhaling.

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