The Advantages Of Using Electric Cigarettes

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There are quite a few advantages and benefits to using electric cigarettes over smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electric cigarettes can be a healthier way to smoke. They also produce less pollution. Above all else, they are cheaper to use than paying for and maintaining a regular cigarette habit.

Electric cigarettes have been designed to be able to provide only clean nicotine to the user. Traditional cigarettes have over 4,000 harmful chemicals, of which many cause cancer. Many diseases are directly related to smoking and are caused by the chemicals in the traditional cigarette.

Electric cigarettes deliver only nicotine and not the thousands of other chemicals. There are also options to purchase electric cigarette refills with no nicotine if that is what you would prefer.

It is also a healthier option to use electric cigarettes for the people around you. Second hand smoke, or passive smoking, is potentially very dangerous for people. It is an extremely unfair situation when a person who never smoked in their lives contracts a smoking related illness solely from inhaling second hand smoke. This can be eradicated with the use of electric cigarettes because they produce vapor, not smoke.

If smoking has been banned at your workplace, as it has in many work areas around the world, and you are feeling a bit strung out due to a craving for nicotine, then electric cigarettes might just be the answer for you. You won’t have to leave your workplace to go outside for a cigarette. You can stay where you are and have a few puffs on your electric cigarette, put it back in your pocket and continue working. They don’t leave any residual odor, like traditional cigarette smoke, which makes it fine to smoke one indoors.

Electric cigarettes produce absolutely no smoking pollution by-products. There is no wastage because you can simply carry one in your pocket, and use as required, then put it back in your pocket. No more dirty butts littering the streets. No more overflowing, putrid ashtrays.

Electric cigarettes are non flammable because they are completely electrical. This means no more matches or lighters are required. How many times have you heard of house fires or wild fires starting because of an incorrectly discarded cigarette butt or match. Electric cigarettes eliminate this risk.

Another advantage of using electric cigarettes is the cost. It does work out cheaper to regularly use electric cigarettes than it is to maintain a tobacco based smoking habit. Governments around the world are continually raising taxes on tobacco products to help offset the rising costs of health care associated with smoking related illnesses.

You can avoid these rising costs by switching to electric cigarettes. Starter packs begin in the range of $30 to $50, depending on the brand you buy and what is included. After that you only need to buy the refills to keep going and these refills work out cheaper when compared to the price of a regular packet of cigarettes. In the long run it will help you to save money to regularly use electric cigarettes.

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