Use E Cigs To Stop Your Smoking Guilt And Embarrassment

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The E Cig, or electronic cigarette, has been developed as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and cigars. However, without really knowing it they have had a marked effect on many of the psychological issues that the majority of smokers have. Smoking, or not being able to give up smoking, can cause a lot of guilt and embarrassment to the person who is addicted. E Cigs can help to overcome some of these negative feelings and thoughts and provide a more positive, healthy approach to a smoker’s habit.

Many smokers experience guilt about their habit. This guilt can arise from a variety of different aspects related to their addiction. They can feel guilty about the amount of money they spend on their habit, knowing full well that the money could be going towards something much more productive.

Guilt also arises when a cigarette is lit up around other people. It is now drummed into smokers heads all about the true dangers of second hand smoke and the effects it can have on people who many never smoke.

Smokers also know the myriad of diseases that smoking can cause. When a smoker is diagnosed with one of these diseases, guilt sets in. If the disease is terminal, that person feels guilty about leaving behind loved ones. If the disease incapacitates them, whether for a short or long period, they feel guilty about being unwell because really it was self inflicted.

There is also nothing worse than having to hide your habit. How many smokers pop out for a smoke, alone, in a far off quiet corner and feel guilty about leaving friends or work colleagues.

Smoking regular cigarettes is becoming quite embarrassing. Society is rather firmly pushing smokers out of the way, trying to completely make them extinct. Not everyone who smokes is able to keep up with this social outcast feeling. There is a certain level of embarrassment that arises when people realize that you are a smoker.

E Cigs can help to overcome many of those guilty and embarrassing feelings. The fact that it is cheaper to use E Cigs than it is to smoke traditional cigarettes can curb that guilty feeling. The money you save you can put towards more important things in your life, or your family’s life.

The guilt that can arise from becoming ill from smoking can be reduced. Whilst many E Cigs do contain nicotine, they do not contain carcinogens. Hence they are safer than regular tobacco based products and can reduce your risk of developing smoking related illnesses.

You also won’t have to feel guilty about leaving your friends or workplace for a cigarette. E Cigs can be smoked almost anywhere. They are not included in smoking ban regulations, because they do not produce smoke. The vapor that they produce leaves a pleasant aroma for only a short period. After that short period is simply evaporates into the atmosphere.

You will no longer feel embarrassed about your habit if you start using E Cigs. Electronic cigarettes don’t leave that horrible smoky smell in your clothes and hair. Further, they don’t stain your teeth or give you bad breath.

E Cigs can provide a relief for all of the guilt and embarrassment that regular smoking can make you feel. Simply the fact that it is a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products should be a great reason to give them a try. Not only can they physically make you feel better, but you can also feel better mentally as well.

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