Electronic Cigarettes Versus Regular Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarettes are devices, often shaped to look like regular cigarettes or cigars, that deliver a vaporized solution to the user. They are battery powered and reusable and can provide either a nicotine based, or non-nicotine based solution. Using electronic cigarettes does have some benefits over regular cigarettes.

Although it is still being debated, it can be said that electronic cigarettes do reduce some of the risks associated with smoking regular cigarettes. Over 4000 chemicals can be found in the smoke from regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes produce significantly less toxins and you can purchase nicotine free ones as well. They also produce zero tar, which is the by-product that accumulates in a traditional smoker’s lungs.

Also associated with the health benefits of electronic cigarettes is the fact that they do not produce smoke, they produce vapor. Everyone fully comprehends the danger that first and second hand smoke from cigarettes has on people. Second hand smoke can be especially lethal, and many people have contracted lung cancer who have not actually ever smoked themselves. They may have just grown up with a smoker, or lived or worked with smokers at some point in their lives.

Electronic cigarettes also help to overcome the social and legal bans on cigarette smoking. They give you the freedom to smoke almost anywhere at any time, reducing the isolation that comes with people who are addicted to smoking. The fact that the vapor evaporates into the air so quickly means that it is not a polluting product and is therefore harmless to any people who may be around you.

There is no end products from electronic cigarettes. They do not produce smoke or ash. There is also no nasty cigarette butt to dispose of once you have finished using the product. Due to the fact that they are purely electric, they are non-flammable, making them a much safer product to use in that respect.

The smell of regular cigarettes is so totally invasive. A smoker is often instantly recognizable by the smell of their hair, clothes, house and car. Whilst electronic cigarettes give off a vapor that resembles smoke, that vapor actually turns odorless and disperses immediately into the atmosphere.

Many smokers also struggle with stained teeth and bad breath, which often leads to embarrassment at what their habit has done to them. The great thing about electronic cigarettes is that they do not stain your teeth. They also won’t leave you with that horrible smoker’s breath.

Another great benefit that electronic cigarettes have over regular cigarettes is that they are cheaper. Once you get up and running with a basic starter kit, you only have to buy the refills. It is common for many smokers, especially with families to feel guilty about how much they spend on their cigarette habit. Using electronic cigarettes is cheaper and if used regularly in place of traditional cigarettes, you can reduce the overall cost of your habit.

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