2 of the Fastest Growing Electronic Cigarette Brands

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The introduction of electronic cigarettes has revolutionized the way people can enjoy a cigarette and not be overly concerned about the potential health impacts associated with tobacco smoking. Given that smokeless cigarettes taste like the real thing, look like the real thing and you have the same experience of taking a deep, long drag it’s little wonder they are becoming so popular.

Many reviews of electronic cigarettes have been carried out to find which ones last the longest, provide the best overall experience and are cost effective. In many cases there is little difference between the various brands and even long term addicts concede that there is not much difference between real tobacco cigarettes and the new smokeless cigarettes. Even when people say that the experience isn’t exactly the same, they do concede that the benefits such as breathing in less harmful chemicals and the ability to smoke it anywhere would make them consider electronic cigarettes as an alternative.

Even though electronic cigarettes were invented in China in 2003, it has taken the consumer capital of the world to put the product in the spotlight. Since its introduction to America in 2009, dozens of companies have sprung up, each offering a smokeless cigarette experience. However, two of the fastest growing brands are Green Smoke and V2 Electronic Cigarettes.

Even though these brands come in different designs, sizes, prices and flavours, they still look like and act like real cigarettes. In order to start using these electronic cigarettes, both companies offer various starter packs which include the nicotine cartridges, flavored cartridges, the atomizer and battery, recharging plug and even a USB recharger so that you can recharge the battery from your computer. The starter kits vary in price depending on what is included, for example they might contain additional batteries and atomizers so you can continue to smoke while the other set is charging.

Based on independent consumer reviews, Green Smoke are said to be one of the best electronic devices on the market. The key selling points of this electronic cigarette is the long lasting battery and the many different flavor cartridges available. The battery can last up to a day for a regular smoker. Even though Green Smoke comes with a higher price tag, regular smokers said that this smokeless cigarette gives the best overal experience. Very often people who have bought cheaper electronic cigarettes will change to Green Smoke after not being satisfied with the taste or reliability of other brands.

On the other end of the scale, the V2 cigarettes are fairly cheap which has helped them gain a foothold in the market and become one of the brands of choice for people looking to try out electronic cigarettes. V2 have a wide range of flavors available, including menthol, vanilla, chocolate and even coffee, which makes it very popular with people who are not hard core tobacco smokers but enjoy the experience of inhaling the smoke.

The wide range of accessories, replacements and new flavors have all helped Green Smoke and V2 become the fastest growing electronic cigarette brands.

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