Beat Smoking Bans With Electronic Cigarettes

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Smoking cigarettes as we know it has been reinvented with the release in the last few years of a product known as electronic cigarettes. These new types of cigarettes do not produce any smoke at all, yet are able to deliver both the nicotine requirements and the physical sensation of smoking. The fact that they produce no smoke is the reason that they are not classified as a smoking product. Hence, it is possible to beat the smoking bans that are so prevalent in our society today.

Essentially, because electronic cigarettes are not classified as smoking products, this means that you can now smoke indoors or in any place where smoking has been legally banned.

It is important to remember however, that an electronic cigarette in use can look very close to the real thing. If you are going to start using one in a place that smoking has been banned in, you might first want to let the people around you know that it is not a smoke producing cigarette. Once people understand how they work, they are usually very accepting of the product being used around them.

If you don’t smoke inside your own home because of the smell and the staining to paintwork that can occur, then the electronic cigarette can change all of that. You will be able to start smoking inside your home without affecting other members of your family. You also won’t have to continue ducking outside for a cigarette into extreme weather conditions anymore.

Your workplace can be one of the most frustrating places to be able to have a traditional cigarette. Often designated areas are prescribed for smokers, that are a long way from your initial work area. With an electric cigarette you won’t have to walk for miles just to have a cigarette, as you can have a quick puff in your office or staff room and simply place the electric cigarette back into your pocket. No one will be the wiser.

Bars and restaurants are other places where smoking is being completely banned. Again, with just a little notification and explanation to the people around you and possibly the wait staff, you will be able to use your electronic cigarette.

Non smoking hotel rooms can be the most frustrating thing for people who smoke. If you don’t have a balcony with your room, often you have to traipse through endless corridors, down lifts or stairs and find a spot outside in the elements just to have a cigarette. This is where the electric cigarette comes in very handy. Now you can stay in your hotel room and use your electric cigarette.

Smoking bans typically only cover the type of smoking that actually produces smoke. As the bans roll on, there are more places that you cannot smoke than there are places that you can. Electric cigarettes give you the opportunity to ignore no smoking signs. So no more frazzled nerves or feeling overly cranky because you are craving nicotine because you can literally use your electronic cigarette wherever and whenever you like.

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