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At the time of writing there is no conclusive study or evidence that suggests electronic cigarettes are safe which is one of the reasons the FSA temporarily banned them in 2010 before lifting the ban a few months later. Independent studies by some of the brands have found that electronic cigarettes are significantly safer than real cigarettes since the smoker is not inhaling tar, carbon monoxide or hundreds of other chemicals.

The perceived health benefits, lack of odor and cheaper ongoing costs are some of the reasons why electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity since being introduced in America in 2009.

There are now dozens of brands available on the market and new companies are launching their own electronic cigarette products by the day. However, in a review of consumer sites, blogs and forums the clear market leader is the Green Smoke company. Even long time smokers have found the switch to Green Smoke smokeless cigarettes to be easier than they thought it would.

The Green Smoke device is about the size and diameter of a regular cigarette and has the same white and brown colours that gives it a familiar look. It is a bit heavier than a regular cigarette so holding it in your mouth may take some getting used to or you may have to change your habit to holding the cigarette between drags. Green Smoke was one of the original devices to hit the market in 2009 and despite the higher cost of other brands, many people switched after being disappointed with cheaper products.

One of the features smokeless cigarette smokers love about Green Smoke is the variety of flavors and nicotine strength cartridges that they can buy. With the option to buy all their flavors in a high, medium and low nicotine dosage along with a zero nicotine option it offers great flexibility to try new varieties and to help people wean themselves off their nicotine habit. Some of the flavors available include strawberry, apple, vanilla, menthol and even chocolate – which is a gift sent from heaven if you have a nicotine and chocolate addiction!

The patented atomizer and cartridge slot together with ease which makes it very easy for first timers to get started. Green Smoke were also one of the first companies to introduce an innovative USB adapter to charge the batteries from a computer, it’s consistent innovations like this that has made the company the number one choice for electronic cigarettes.

As mentioned earlier, Green Smoke does have a higher price tag than other brands, but when compared with the richness of the vapor, the taste, the build quality and reliability, it’s easy to see why people spend that little bit extra to enjoy an electronic cigarette.

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