3 Major Reasons People Are Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

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Since electronic cigarettes burst on to the American market in 2009, virtually every media outlet has run some kind of story on them and awareness of the benefits are growing each day amongst the smoking crowd. As smokers get more and more penalized and even demonized for their habit, the places where they can enjoy a cigarette are becoming few and far between.

If you are an office worker, you’ll almost certainly think twice about lighting up a cigarette, even in the designated smoking area or outside because of snide remarks from co-workers about the lingering smell that smoking tobacco can leave. There is no denying that tobacco cigarettes can make your clothes and hair smell and concealing this can be difficult. Professionals are changing to electronic cigarettes because it means they can get their nicotine fix and go through many of the habitual rituals of smoking a real cigarette without fear of any backlash by colleagues or worse of a customer.

Given that the only substance the electronic cigarette produces is water vapor they can be used virtually anywhere. In so many countries, Governments have introduced sweeping laws that restricts where smokers can light up. This is not so bad in warmer countries or during the summer, but the freezing conditions in New York on a winters day are enough to make even the most addicted tobacco smoker think twice about going outside to light up. Electronic cigarettes only produce a virtually odorless water vapor and many bars, clubs, restaurants and coffee shops now allow people to use electronic cigarettes indoors because there are no harmful effects that passive smoking has. Furthermore, since there is no combustion, it’s safe to use smokeless cigarettes where it normally wouldn’t be safe to such as in airports and other places where naked flames are not permitted.

Finally the big brands like Green Smoke are pushing the health benefits of electronic cigarettes. Even though it’s wrong to say there is no harm to your health, since nicotine has been proven to have undesirable affects on your health, you are cutting out the hundreds of other harmful substances found in regular cigarettes. When you burn tobacco, you are breathing in tar, carbon monoxide and chemicals that can do damage to your body. The dangers of passive smoking are also well documented, with people who have never smoked in their life being struck down with lung cancers normally associated with regular smokers. Electronic cigarettes have far fewer chemicals and you don’t breathe in any smoke or tar which can seriously damage your lungs.

While electronic cigarettes are not designed to be quit smoking aids, they could be useful for people looking to cut down the amount of nicotine they take in each day. However, many brands do warn people that electronic cigarettes are to be considered only as an alternative to smoking real cigarettes and not as a quit smoking aid.

Green Smoke have been receiving many great reviews from regular smokers, many of whom say that even though it’s not exactly the same, Green Smoke electronic cigarettes do provide a good alternative to regular cigarettes and are a useful substitute to have when you can’t light up for real.

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